Technowip 2

Whipped Cream Machine

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Technowip 2

Made entirely of stainless steel in compliance with the strictest health and hygiene standards, the machine has a refrigerated stainless steel tank for the storage of cream at +4 ° C, controlled by thermometer. Inside the tank there is a gear pump, with air regulation system.

The Technowhip has fine volume adjustment and the extruder is specially designed as a single piece for both fresh and long life cream.

Product versions

Technowhip 2

  • Capacity (Lt) 2
  • Installed electrical power (kW) 0,7
  • Hourly Production (Lt) 150
  • Cooling Air
  • Refrigerating gas Freon R 134 A
  • Electric Power (phase) 220 Volt/50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.) 220x370(+60)x450
  • Net Weight (Kg) 28
  • Gross Weight (Kg) 33

End products

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

Whipped Cream