Stick ice-creams

equipment by end product
Technogel automatic extrusion tray tunnel for ice cream production
Ice Cream Extrusion Machines
Ice cream on stick with chocolate coating, Sandwich ice cream, Cup , Ball cone and wafer cup, Chock bar (barretta) with chocolate coating, Family log (tronchetto), Ice cream on stick with fruit juice coating
Technogel Stick Ice Producting Equipment
Ice Cream Stick Machines
Ice Cream On Stick, Lollypops, Ice Cream with Chocolate Coating, Ice Cream with Crunched Nuts, Ice Cream with chocolate and syrup, Ice Cream with chocolate - nuts & syrup, Shell & Core (Lollypops Outside, Ice cream inside)

Pilot Plant / Mini Plant

Producing more than the Artisanal capacity, but nog enough for industrial machines? Technogel has the solution for you!