has been perfecting the gelato and ice-cream-making process for over 60 years

Today we offer the fastest and most user-friendly artisan gelato and ice cream equipment on the market.
Looking for a large scale ice cream production plant?
We have a full line of industrial ice cream equipment as well!

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The original ice cream making brand.

Technogel is a world leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for small scale and industrial production of ice-cream.

The company was founded in 1951 as a producter of refrigeration systems and designed its first commercial Ice Cream Machine in 1955. Today Technogel exports to more than 60 countries worldwide, thanks to its quality, experience and tradition acquired over the last half century. Tradition in production has always been consolidated and supported by constant technological innovation and this has enabled us to create a range of machines and installations designed to fulfil a wide range of customer’s requirements, from cottage industry production through to fully automated medium and large scale industrial instal-ations.

Strict testing for quality control is applied to the production processes and committed research into new technological solutions guarantee functionality, top performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment (Technogel uses only R404/A refrigerating gas).
Engineers and highly qualified technicians ensure rapid and efficient technical assistance is provided both prior to purchase and as after sales service.

The company has an extensive network of agents and distributors worldwide to ensure an excellent service of consultancy on commercial and financial matters as well as compliance with international standards.



Foundation of Technogel, a company specializing in the production of refrigeration systems, in the historic hall of Azzano San Paolo (BG). Italy


Technogel designs its first ice cream machine


Technogel designs the first horizontal batch freezer with the revolutionary compressed air injection system


Launch of the first Pasteurizer


Launch of the first Pasteurization and Continuous Homogenization Plant: MIXWORKING


Launch of Technogel’s Continuous Freezer


Offices and production site are transferred to a new modern hangar adjacent to the original warehouse


Launch of the new batch freezer: MANTEGEL, the first to use the revolutionary patented scrapers


Technogel starts with the production of automatic machines for the production of Ice Lollies and Stick Ice Cream.


Opening of Technogel's first Latin America branch


Inauguration of the new and ultra modern 10.000 Sqm production plant in Grassobbio (BG). Italy


Launch of the MIXTRONIC, the revolutionary pasteurizer that is the first to use the bain-marie system.


Opening of Technogel's USA branch


Opening of Technogel's Brasil branch


Opening of Technogel's Middle East branch


Technogel starts using robotic dispensers on its filling machines, a new landmark in the ice cream filling industry!