More than 15 years of certification have persuaded the Management of TECHNOGEL S.p.A. that the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System is the right way to obtain and increase Customer, staff and Partner satisfaction, to continue to be competitive and to strengthen its presence in the market. This is why the Company Management has drawn up the following policy, which takes into account the company’s different approaches.

Declaration of authority of the Management

Our focus on customers:

our performances are measured against customer demands and requirements;

our customers perceive us as a leading company in the design and production of industrial and artisanal machinery and equipment for ice cream production thanks to our attention to quality, flexibility and competitiveness and to our ability to meet delivery times and provide adequate technical support. Our target markets are mainly international;

we establish trustworthy relationships with our customers, consolidated through years of cooperation, which allow us to anticipate their needs in terms of volumes and types requested; we provide a sales support team to assist our customers, managing orders and offering qualified technical support for the development and customisation of equipment for our customers.

Our focus on products:

maintaining and constantly improving the technological know-how of our products and technological processes;

using leading suppliers in the target industry and components capable of ensuring the performance level required to meet in-house product/process needs and customer needs; therefore, relying only on qualified suppliers, carefully selected and equipped with cutting-edge technologies in the sector in which they operate;

using innovative machinery and equipment manufactured by industry leaders;

handling products starting with the data collection, design, production, testing and installation phases;

delivering “just in time”, as well as supplying machines for the artisanal sector from our warehouse.

Our focus on innovation:

continuously pursuing all the technological and organisational innovations that can improve the company’s performance;

promoting the continuous development of IT systems, thereby ensuring fewer errors as well as reducing superfluous work phases and enhancing systems for identifying and tracing raw materials and items.

Our focus on mandatory and voluntary regulation:

designing and manufacturing machinery and equipment in compliance with national, EU and international standards;

ensuring continuous compliance with applicable regulations through qualified information sources.

Our focus on collaborators:

our company’s working philosophy would be of little use if it were not strongly supported by the availability, professional training and responsibility of all the people who work for our company. The quality and service required by our customers is the result of our collaborators’ expertise. Their involvement in company life translates into a relationship that goes far beyond the opportunity of providing services, becoming a synergistic collaboration to achieve shared goals;

continuous training, evaluation of the skills and awareness of collaborators, goal-based operation, organisation, optimisation and a genuine sense of respect for customers and suppliers are the foundations of our professional services.

Our focus on processes:

our corporate processes are defined and documented with the support of the collaborators involved;

all managers involved continuously strive to improve processes;

the applied management system is process-based in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and is aimed at promoting continuous improvement;

implementing working methods that allow for accurate identification and traceability of products and raw materials;

measuring the effectiveness of the company’s processes by implementing the necessary indicators and carrying out internal audits (on our own processes) and external audits (on our suppliers).

Our focus on sustainable development:

considering sustainable development as a structural and long-term issue; this is why the Management has decided to commit to limiting the negative effects of its activities on society and the environment by launching targeted initiatives and designing machinery and equipment that reduce the environmental impact.

Our focus on social responsibility:

ensuring that:

- workers can freely join trade unions, choose their representatives and negotiate collectively with their employer;

- no forced labour is used;

- no workers under the legal minimum age of 15 are used, or who are of compulsory school age, if they are older;

- workers are not denied equal employment and treatment opportunities;

- working conditions do not endanger health and safety and promote a holistic approach to the mitigation of risks.

Our focus on safety:

implementing an occupational safety policy that consists in preventing professional and non-professional accidents and promoting occupational health.

Our focus on the environment:

developing policies aimed at reducing energy consumption, which are part of the commitments made towards the environment, along with our desire to continuously improve work processes and all related activities;

optimising processing parameters to reduce energy consumption.

Our focus on the quality management system policy:

systematically auditing and updating, when necessary, the Quality Management System Policy;

communicating it and promoting its understanding and application within the organisation;

making it available to all stakeholders.

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Roberto Rossi
Managing Director of Technogel S.p.A.

Grassobbio, 2018

Each year, this policy is translated into a number of targeted goals that are documented in the Management Review.