Ice Cream Decoration Machines

Ripple Pumps

Ripple Pumps.jpg
This machine is used to inject syrup and similar products into the ice-cream. It is made up of a vat with a discharge tap, a pneumatic volumetric pump that doses the product and a star nozzle to inject the syrup, to be applied directly on the ice-cream exit tube placed on the freezer.

The quality of the syrup injected can be varied by adjusting the quantity of compressed air supplied to the piston of the pump.
The air compressor is not included.

Pump capacity: up to 60 L/minute of product.

Product versions


  • Syrup Pump Capacity (Min/Max) 60/420
  • Product tank capacity (Lt.) 25
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.) 550x1900x600


  • Syrup Pump Capacity (Min/Max) 1/60
  • Product tank capacity (Lt.) 25
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.) 600x1500x700

End products

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products: